A Recipe for throat relief

Now, now, now! If you’re not feeling well, I wrote this post particularly for you. Only you. Just for you. I know you’re not comfortable with the sore throat of yours.

But how did your throat got that bad?

1. Too much of cold Ice Cream.

2. Some alien allergy.

3. A long lecture delivered to asinine people.

4. Did something for your husband or boyfriend or whatever? (God! I  wish I were him.)

Any of the above reasons have screwed up your throat. (maybe literally too). What mama would say?

My mother used to give me this medicine each time my throat got sore. A little salt in the tea taken when it is still “hot”-such that you can feel the tea giving relief to your throat, I mean, the warmth you’ll feel there. Do this 2-3 times a day and thank me later.

This above story surely works and maybe you know it too but you rely more on the doc prescribed drugs. Eh! True. I know. I do too.

But this helps. Sometimes, it’s better to avoid the medicine for once!

Even, you have also heard some recipe for different ailments from your old folk. Could you please share them with everyone or else I would…

Yes, I would share more if you don’t want to. 🙂 🙂


The day at the temple

Let me unveil a deep rooted secret which no one is aware about. I am an atheist. Woahh! That’s not that a big thing? No?

But I surely consider myself  a baddonkey( May I use this one instead of “bada$#”?) when thousands of those around me are firm believers in the power of the almighty or rather I should say “they fear god”. And, this is probably why many follow the age old traditions. Boring!

Coming back to my family- Our family tradition is that at least one person goes to the temple on every Tuesday, and brings back tasty prasad back home.(I feel it like a sweet dish day!). Now, may be you don’t know what a prasad is, so, lend me your ears. It is a sweet dish some of which is offered to the gods and the rest is given back-this becomes prasad. Magic!

Heads up- I stopped going to the temple years ago.

Back to the topic, “The day at the temple” which I almost forgot! Sorry. The story goes like this,

Mother went to the temple and what she sees are ladoos(the prasad, sweet dish remember? in the picture.) being sold outside the temple. Super excited, she buys a box with 2 ladoos.

As usual she goes into the temple, bows in front of the god, gives the ladoo box to the panditji(priest) and the priest takes 1 ladoo out of the box for the offering to the god and gives the box back with 1 ladoo. Sad.

What the hell just happened. Didn’t get it? Read again.

The numbers are too important here.

The ladoo which was to be offered to the gods is probably going to land up again in a new box again which is again going to be sold to a new customer! This appears to be business, no? and the irony that they’re doing it perfectly without any degree or knowledge. Maybe they’ve the knack for it. Do you?

This brings to my mind a question: What is religion? Should we follow it?

Give that mouse a big push in the small head of yours and make him run for the above question. Till then, pray for me. Would you not? And oops, what did I just say!