There was some truth to it.

And here I am to trouble you with another one. Oh yes, another one!  *Evil Laugh* twice.

I feel quite embarrassed to say that writing anonymously is something I’ve still not got used to. Not sharing with friends(with whom I live), twitterattis or facebookarattis (friends on the internet)… it feels as if even I am hiding myself behind the curtains messing up with the puppets.

This curtain is none other than the epic, the famous, the most wanted, the saucy, the suave, the children’s beloved or may be you love it too; Give a big round of applause for him, ladies and ladies.” TTTHEEEEEEEEE spongebob”. Lame.

[if you don’t know him, good!]

Maybe anonymously, I can now share more than I could have, had I linked it to my personal facebook, twitter, or whatever accounts. I would’ve surely been mocked at if I shared such a story. Even I would have laughed at a friend with such a story. But, that is what friends do. Do they?

Sorry for keeping you waiting, Let me just skip to the story time.

[Reverie start]

So, here goes my mother.

Beta (Son), you can have a great life with your friends, enjoy and have fun but in the end you return to your family. The same family in which you were born. The same herd which would help if you were in any predicament and stand by you whatsoever.

Shaken up. I broke my silence with sis which lasted for many months. It was not easy not to talk to her and felt bad about it. Also, pretty awkward to start again.

[Reverie stop]

An engineer only can think of starting and stopping everything! Yes, a geek after all…

But what do you think? Was I justified to rely completely on my friends, for fun and happy times when I was ignorant about my sis for the whole time.

What is important to you? Sharing beer with a friend or asking for cash from your sister.

(Now, don’t be angry if you don’t have a sister. I feel so sorry for you.)

And, surely, a big why follows the above question??!


2 thoughts on “There was some truth to it.

  1. I enjoyed this post, one of my three sisters recently offered to lend me some money if I needed it but the beer drinking friends are beckoning……hmmm. I’ll have to think about this. Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a beer next time, on me. 😉

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